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Who are Fit Freaks?

We created the Fit Freaks community to inspire people to live a happier, healthier, more active lifestyle. We know that combining technology, fitneess innovation and psychology allows us to empower, inspire and teach you how to achieve all your fitness goals. Maintaining your health and fitness allows you to live a more fullfilled life, become more productive and remain competitive.

That’s why we only have the worlds top class coaches, nutritionists and psychologists. The best only work with the best

Our Most Popular Fitness Products

Live workouts with marvin ambrosius

Live Workouts

Live Workouts

A live fitness program designed for you to achieve your daily fitness goals.

Fit in 5

Fit in 5

Fit In 5 is the short workout series available on Sky TV to help you to get fit starting with just 5 mins a day. We created Fit In 5 with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle with a minimum amount of time out of your day. Marvin Ambrosius is a certified Insanity instructor who has created his own short but intense fitness routines that that even professional athletes can get something out of. Fit in 5 was created especially for those who can’t find the time to work out. It’s designed to focus on key muscle groups for just 5 minutes which will give you total muscular balance ensuring that all muscle groups are being used to help tone and sculpt your body, help you lose weight, increase your fitness and improve your health.

More About Fit In 5 Here

Fit Coach

The personalised fitness program designed around you to give you the quickest results for your fitness goals

More About Fit Coach Here
Marvin Ambrosius as an instructor has been working with iTv, Sky Sports...

Meet Our Team

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Marvin Ambrosius

Founder/Fitness Trainer

I am a certified instructor and I have created my own short but intense fitness routines that even professional athletes can get something out of. I had an idea for a fitness app that would help people at all levels of fitness and mentioned it to one of my colleagues who had been attending my classes for the past year. They offered to partner up and develop the idea to build the fitness app. Shortly, after that conversation, a meeting was scheduled and in that meeting, Fit-in-5 was born.

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Stephenie Ambrosius

Individual/Relationship Therapist

Whatever your struggles, it's definitely worth talking to an impartial therapist, who (without judgement) is committed to uncovering the root of your problems, in order to work towards forming a happier and more fulfilled life.

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Chantelle Tuitt


I run my own clinic in London seeing clients both online and in person, my goal is to help my clients achieve optimal health with a focus on gut health, as I believe this is often the root cause of most illness.

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Fit Freaks Review

Marvin is a fantastic trainer – he knows how to tailor our sessions to my fitness goals, but also keeps them varied so that I’m learning new drills and exercises all the time, and then I can use them in between sessions. He always helps me work to the maximum and does it with a smile on his face​.

David Garido

David Garido

News Presenter

I am loving the Fit In 5 workouts. It’s really inspiring to be able to condense workouts of five minutes to really target the areas you want to. And to be able do this at home absolutely brilliant. You don’t have to pay money for a gym membership.

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon

TV Presenter and Fashion Model

Fit Freaks and their workout sessions are ideal for those who lack time to ‘fit in’ any exercise due to a busy lifestyle. The great thing about Marvin’s Fit In 5 high intensity workouts is they raise your Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) level after you’ve completed them.

Leon Marshal

Leon Marshal

Sports Science Lecturer