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Fit In 5 is the celebrity favourite short workout series that has been downloaded over 4 million times on the Sky platform

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What is Fit In 5?

Marvin Ambrosius developed Fit In 5 with one goal in mind: to allow individuals with limited time in their day to still be able to workout and move closer towards their fitness goals. Having been a personal trainer for some time and seeing that one of people’s biggest excuse for losing motivation to workout, he came up with a concept that allows people to still get a good workout even if they are limited on time. Fit in 5 is now a hugely successful workout program available on the Sky TV platform. As well as the On Demand section of the Sky set to box, Fit in 5 can also be seen on the Sky Go app and Now TV.

Bitesize workout routines to fit even the busiest schedule.

The Fit In 5 Routines are small and focussed. Work on a particular key muscle group each day. Group them together to give yourself the kind of workout you need!

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The Story Behind Fit In 5

The successful short workout program that’s been downloaded over 4 million times on the Sky platform

By Marvin Ambrosius

How was Fit In 5 developed?

Soon to be married, I really wanted to look my best for my Fiancé Stephanie so I decided to do something once and for all about my weight.

I started Hitt training in one of the studios at Sky and was slowly followed by a high number of employees teaching regular lunch time sessions. I got so hooked on my lunch time training, that I decided to take it to the next level and had a meeting with the gym manager about becoming an instructor in the Sky gym.

My wife Stephanie was the anchor to help building my confidence and by supporting me through booking gyms and promoting classes outside of Sky. She managed to get 2 secured classes a week which had great responses and gave me the confidence he needed to go to the next level.

After a successful run of packed classes in and outside of the Sky gym, Marvin decided to take his training to another level and contacted his long term friend Leon Marshall who is a successful Sports science lecturer and Level 2-4 CYQ teacher.

Leon convinced Marvin to take his career to another level and he encouraged him to take the level 2 course and progress to level 3. Having the support of both family and friends made his determination to succeed even stronger.

After completing his Level 3 Personal training course, Marvin applied for a full time position in the new Sky Health & Fitness centre as a Lifestyle Advisor and was successful with his application.

Officially, Marvin is now a Personal Trainer, naturally fitting into his new role and applying all of what he had learned and continued to grow as an instructor and personal trainer.

Marvin had an idea for a Fitness App that would help people at all levels of fitness and mentioned it to one of his colleagues who had been attending his classes for the past year. They offered to partner up and develop the idea to build the fitness App. Shortly after that conversation, a meeting was scheduled and in that meeting, Fit-in-5 was born.

How hard does someone doing Fit In 5 have to train?

It gives you that space to be able to work out when you can – you can do five minutes and say do you know what I’m gonna try 10 mins next week and every week give yourself a new challenge.

Everything is down to the intensity and the levels that you work at. That’s what so amazing about collaborating with FitBit – it allows people to understand how they are working out and what goal they are working towards.

The first zone is fat burn, then cardio and then peak and it makes it measurable over time and people can see their successes, the impact on their heart rate.

“you can do five minutes and say do you know what I’m gonna try 10 mins next week and every week give yourself a new challenge”

How do the Fit in 5 exercises stand out?

In our daily lives, I don’t think anybody, unless they are walking, does an activity that uses every single muscle in their body and exercises for a five-minute period.

The greatest thing with the design in these workouts is we make sure you are getting muscular balance and everything in the body is working. Somebody who does a run on a treadmill every day of their lives is neglecting their glutes. They are also not working their arms. They are losing fat but they are not actually building muscle.

The great thing about these exercises is they are for everyone. You may have a disability or just want to work your arms or legs.

How has the reaction been since the first series?

The biggest reaction I had were people’s success stories. I had someone, a stay-at-home mum, who had agoraphobia – they wouldn’t leave their house, low in confidence and she sent me a message from the start of the first series about how she had lost two and half stone (since starting).

Getting a message like that is the sort of thing that inspired me to progress these workouts more for people who have lost confidence. Just like myself, I had been 18 and a half stone and lost my confidence. I want to help people regain it through a realistic treatment that is measurable and can add to their everyday life.


Some Fit In 5 routines have been made freely available on Youtube for anyone to get a quick workout