10 Simple Ways to Make Fitness Stick

10 Simple Ways to Make Fitness Stick

Many people add exercise to their daily routine but have an issue making it stick. According to a survey, those people with the ability to exercise regularly and stick to it were those that had formed a daily habit focused around fitness.

When it comes to starting an exercise routine, everyone has in their minds that they will achieve a level of fitness and then make this fitness stick. People are often caught out by the fact that life gets in the way. Plans to go to the gym are thrown out by sickness, celebrations or tiredness. Sometimes the mind is willing but the body is weak. And even those people that have created a habit of fitness can lose this habit and start to lose their motivation to workout.

When you are going to get your fitness goals into action. It always helps to seek a professional’s guidance. Where a fitness instructor and health contributor like Marvin Ambrosias can help is to give that extra push and motivation you might need to get you through the difficult periods when you are finding it hard to motivate yourself. It is someone to be accountable to. Very much like a teacher who not only show’s you how to burn those unwanted calories, but also marks your effort to ensure you are staying on top of your fitness goals. Even Marvin himself turned to fitness professionals to achieve his goals and make his fitness stick.

Of course, wanting to make exercise a habit is actually a great thing. As it brings changes in behavior and leads us living a new type of lifestyle as well as keeping us healthy. This is the biggest thing when you throw in very personal feelings about body image and self-worth.

But in anything there are certain strategies that can make it easier to stick with the goal. Marvin Ambrosius has been using these strategies to build up his own personal exercise. These strategies are what you need to keep going on your fitness journey without skipping a workout. We are happy to share what he did and what he instructs other people to do in order to make exercise a habit and stick to doing it each week.

10 Simple Ways to Make Fitness Stick

Habits are a behavior which we automatically repeat in every day life. So to make fitness stick we need to form a habit of exercise so that we can make this a behavior which we do over and over again without even thinking about it. If you don’t do it constantly for a while, then you will never be able to create a habit and achieve the desired behavior.

So the first thing is set a schedule and add exercises on top of all your current habits and daily routines. Tagging it onto another routine is an easy way to commit and gives you the greatest chance of continuation. Examples are just after dropping the children to school, just before eating breakfast in the morning or just before eating lunch. Here are ten tips to form a fitness sticking habit of a lifetime.

1. Commit for a month:

Four weeks is the time you need to repeat something to form a habit and make the behaviour automatic. If you have made it in the initial phase, it will be easier going forward to keep retain your routine.

2. Act on it daily:

Consistency is very complex if you want to make habit stick so it’s very helpful. If you are ready to start exercising, go to a trainer for 30 days, visiting a trainer for a few weeks will make it very easy to form the habit. Exercises you do with your trainer will lock and the motivation will consistently be there even when your trainer is not around.

3. Start Simple and with less time:

Don’t try to make your life change in one day, make it easy by starting with simple exercises and go for fifteen mins duration and build on that. Gradually make changes in exercises as well as in duration, meanwhile, expand the time and change the exercises to increase to the next level.

4. Remind yourself:

After a few days of beginning exercise’s commitment could be forgotten. So place a reminder to fulfill your habit every day. Or you might miss a few days. If you miss the time it could be also a reason to destroy a new set up habit of exercise. Also, you can set up a reminder in google calendar, nowadays we all have been using mobile so you could execute in mobile.

5. Stay consistent:

To stick with our exercise goal- The more sticking with our exercise goal. You have started exercising go every day on same time and same place too for 30 days. When like time of day, place and situation are the same in each case it will be more convenient and easier.

6. Get a Friend:

Find someone who is also interested and will go along with you. Get motivated from him if you feel bored and want to quit.

7. Be perfect:

Never expect all your try to change the habit to be successful instantly. It takes many tries to before get started regularly. Then you will love it. But expect some up and down along the way. Once you get started exercise make that perfect without any excuses.

8. Stay motivated


It’s always good thinking to stick with an exercise program. Feeling good about sticking with an exercise program is a powerful motivator. So, the emotional reason behind this is you want to keep yourself fit OR in a good shape. You may also hope to feel good as well as look good in your clothes, or you may want to refrain from getting embarrassed with today’s generation and stand with them.

9. Know the Benefits:

familiarize yourself with the benefits of making a turnaround. Get books and get familiar with benefits of everyday exercise. Notice every subtle thing which gets changed after exercise.

10. Take photos every week:

When we listen to something from other it never remains same and it can be changed or differ. So, the only best way we have is to click pics for every week. This way we can gauge our diligent hard work benefits.